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Wind River Refuge Preview:

Excerpt 2:

     She gazed up at him and asked; “Is that the plane?”
          “Yep.” He grinned at her.
     She looked at him skeptically, surveyed the plane again, her complexion turned more pale, though Garrett was not sure how that was even possible. She shook her head in the negative, turned, and started back the way they had just come. He caught her by the upper arm. “Whoa.” To his utter amazement she looked at his hand like it was a rattler. He quickly removed it, but stepped in front of her.
     “Please move.” She requested in a weak voice that scared the hell out of him.
     “Where are you going?”
     “To rent a car and drive home.”
     “What do you mean, no?” She demanded in a belligerent tone.
     He wondered if this was what Maggie meant when she warned him the girl could be testy. “No” He repeated. “You aren’t driving anywhere, in your condition. I promised Maggie I would get you back to her safely, and in one piece.”
     “Stop, shouting at me!” She yelled at him.
     He hadn’t really shouted at her. He’d just enunciated every syllable, in a commanding voice.
     “I am not going over the mountains in that, that, that puddle jumper!”
     Garrett exercised considerable self-control to avoid laughing at her obvious skepticism regarding the flight worthiness of his plane. “I thought you’d flown, with Dexter?”
     “Why do you think I want to drive?”
     For the second time in a matter of seconds he suppressed the long forgotten urge to laugh. His mirth was brought on by the disgust in her voice, and he made an attempt to reassure her. “I’m not Dexter.”
     “No shit, Sherlock. That still doesn’t mean you’re any better of a pilot.”
     “Why don’t we find out, Jax?” He relieved her of the carry on placing it under his left arm, and picked up the piece of luggage she’d been towing behind her. Then he placed his right hand on her upper arm, and guided her to the plane. Garrett assisted her into passenger seat. Once she was seated he continued to load and secure the luggage while keeping an eye on her, in case she decided to make another run for it.
     Jax was not able to stage an escape should her very life depend on it. She was exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open. However, they flipped up, like an old fashioned roller shade wound to tightly, when he got into the plane filling the small cockpit with the overwhelming aura of a self-assured, dominate male. Ingrained mistrust and self-preservation welled up threatening to break through the fragile barriers she’d painstakingly erected to hold them at bay. She kept a suspicious eye on him while he went through the preflight requirements with the controllers in the tower. Now, he was waiting for further instructions. She was entranced by his dark good looks, even though his powerful build and equally powerful presence unnerved her. She’d noticed when first locating him in the terminal that his eyes were so dark they appeared black. A trick of the lighting she’d figured and wondered what color they really were. Now that he’d replaced the wide brimmed hat he’d been wearing, tipped low on his brow, with the headset she could see his hair was pitch black and wavy. His beard was just as black, close cropped and neat. It flitted through her foggy mind that he sure didn’t look like any of the McBride clan that she knew. A strange out of body experience overtook her; head buzzing, she was finding it difficult to concentrate. Then she felt him touch her and panicked! Jax slapped at his hands with what strength she could gather.
     “Calm down. I’m only checking to make sure you’re fastened in correctly.” He turned away from her, said something into the radio, then they were moving. Eyes scrunched closed, she began to recite a string of Hail Marys.
     “You can open your eyes now, we’re up.”
     She looked over at him, alarm in her eves, “Do you supply barf bags on this flight?”

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