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A New Year in Wind River Valley...

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            Christmas came and went peacefully for the population of the Valley, including Jax and Garrett. Time was slipping away from Jax. Maggie and Sid planned to drive her to Denver on the 29th. There, she would board a flight back to Raleigh. A lot needed to be accomplished before classes started following the New Year. One of her roommates had graduated at end of the fall semester. She and Jessica had petitioned to have Jess fill the accommodation, but there was no guarantee.
            Two days before her planned departure, the weather was holding up well. The air bit at any exposed patch of skin, but every star in the heavens was on full display. Snow glistened like small crystals, and during the daylight hours, the white clad mountains were breath taking. There hadn’t been any new snow since Christmas. She always ran the risk of being snowed in when coming home for the holiday break, but it was worth the risk. Butterflies were harassing her midsection as she dressed for dinner at Sally’s place. She and the other guests for the evening were stand-ins for Sally’s looming New Year’s Day event. Dexter’s little blond, blue-eyed bombshell was hosting both sets of parents, and the dinner tonight would be a dry run.
            Oblivious to any perils or pitfalls, Jax accepted the invitation. As a matter of course, she offered to bring a dish or desert. Sally politely refused. She wanted to do the whole enchilada, which, according to her, was the point of the dinner. Jax conceded the food issue. Then she asked what time she should arrive and for directions to Sally’s place. She managed to step right into the snare, and she felt like the fly invited to dinner by the spider, stuck and praying for a way out. “OH! I forgot to tell you.” Sally feigned a memory lapse. “Garrett said he’d pick you up at six, and for you to please be ready.” Then she paused to giggle. “He told Dex that he didn’t want to hang around too long, or he’d spend the evening removing buckshot from his rear end.”

            Though Maggie hadn’t said a word, the look she gave Jax said it all. It worried her, the idea of Jax going anywhere alone with Garrett. His history with young girls nagged at her. Jax attempted to reassure her. “The only reason Garrett is escorting me, instead of Alicia, is to avoid a repeat of the incident at the Christmas party.” Maggie wasn’t buying the flimsy excuse, and she wondered if her daughter really believed it.
            Jax hadn’t seen or heard from Garrett since the aforementioned party, and a week had passed. She speculated that Alicia must be back on track and keeping him occupied.

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